UPDATE : Shots Fired Downtown Three Suspects at Large


On the 22nd of October 2014 City Police received a call in regards to a shooting at a residence in the area of Wellington Street East and Gore Street in the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

Police located an adult male suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was taken to hospital and is presently in serious but stable condition.

Police are searching for three suspects. They are described as:

1) 5’10
medium build
all dark clothing including a hoodie

2) Aboriginal male
Heavy set
5’10 – 5’11
short brush cut hair
blue jean jacket

3) Smaller male
thin build
skinny and short in comparison to Aboriginal male
5’7 – 5’8 in height

Please call Police or Crime Stoppers if you have any information in regards to this matter.


First Report

HUGHES-STREETSaultonline.com has learned of a situation on Hughes Street in the western part of Downtown. Reports in to Saultonline tell us that shots have been fired on Wellington Street. There’s a heavy police presence in the Gore Street Wellington street area.

This information has not been confirmed by Police, What we do know is the situation started about an hour ago. Witnesses believe it could be a raid on a crack house in the area.

A witness from the scene tells Saultonline that they believe the suspect the police are looking for is at large in that area.

More as this story develops.


  1. soooo …. whats the nationality of the other two? might as well put them in the discription too , otherwise people might think sault star is racist for only pointing out “aboriginal” people in stories. this is not the first time either. how bout the italians or africans or caucasian or irish or asian ……..

  2. Lived in that immediate area for a year, about 3 doors down, and was not particularly worried at any time. If you aren’t into that stuff you pretty safe. It is definitely a tough area, tho.. Not far from the new Cop Shop so I guess that’s not worrying anybody…;).

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