Skinny Dipping with Will Gartshore: Pristine Lake Superior


When you grow up in Northern Ontario sometimes your best memories of adolescence are of swimming naked in Lake Superior. It usually happens beneath the veil of night, the brilliance of billions of stars lighting up the dark skies, while the bonfire sends up curls of cedar scented smoke and the water gently laps upon the shoreline. And no matter how early or late in the year it is, that water is going to be frigid and when the shock of its icy bite passes through your body all of your senses are awakened- but even more so, heightened.

Will Gartshore is a two-time winner of DC’s Helen Hayes Award for Best Actor in a musical and an 8-time nominee. He is also a home grown and fierce environmentalist. When he was young his parents bought a little cabin in Pointe Louise along the St. Mary’s River. Over time the cabin became a year round home for Will and his family.