Taten Has a Lot of Friends

Taten (middle) with just a few of his new friends

A grade four student at Granview school learned that he has a lot of friends. He may not know them all, but 400 of them showed up Friday to help support 10 year old Taten Hammerberg.

About 400 students donated $6 (3 twonies) each for the cause
About 400 students donated $6 (3 twoonies ) each for the cause

Taten was diagnosed with a bone cancer last year. Taten underwent surgery this past summer to amputate one of his legs. Now, the cancer has spread to his lungs and he needs specialized treatment in the U.S. “He’s got a few trips to St. Jude’s Hospital in Tennessee” Steve Bodnar, principal at Granview told Saultonline.com

“Students, parents, and staff from Grand View were bussed to White Pines to join White Pines students and staff who will participated in the 5 km walk/run between the two schools.” Joey Turco, Principal at White Pines said.

Each participant dropped a twoonie in a bucket at White Pines before walking to Grand View where another twoonie will be dropped in a bucket and then all participants will walk back to White Pines and drop off a final twoonie. After the walk, both school communities enjoyed a soup luncheon as a celebration of the event.

Taten wasn’t expecting so many people to show up. Marnie Holditch, Taten’s Mother was overwhelmed by the support. “It’s just wonderful, very overwhelming, but in a great way” . First Student busses graciously donated two busses to shuttle the Grand View students between the two schools.

Taten , who wants to be a construction worker when he gets old enough has another special event planned for Saturday night when he will drop the puck at the Greyhound game.