Updated: Train Derailment South of Montreal River

Train Derailment
Photo for Representation Only

Affiliate Wawa-news has been able to confirm with CN that there was a derailment this afternoon around 2pm. A southbound freight train derailed about 130 kms north of Sault Ste. Marie. Batchewana (Batchewana River) is at Mile 128.4 and Rand Lake is at Mile 137.4 (see map below).

CN reported that a total of nine cars left the track; one car was carrying diesel fuel, which has leaked out on the track. CN’s Environmental Crew is responding to assess the scene and begin a cleanup. There was one other dangerous goods car involved of the nine – carrying sulphuric acid. This car is still intact and there is NO indication of leakage.

There were no injuries in this incident and the track is closed at this time.

CN was unable to provide any information regarding the passenger rail service at this late time. There is a Northbound train scheduled to leave Sault Ste. Marie at 9:20 a.m.


Previously Reported

SaultOnline.com has just received a report of a train derailment at Rand Lake just South of the Montreal River trestle. Apparently 8 rail cars which have left the tracks and down an embankment. One of the cars is thought to be leaking fuel.

We are currently working to confirm this report and will provide updates as they become available.

Rand Lake Map


  1. It is very irresponsible to place such a dramatic picture in your article. I realize you labelled it “photo for representation only” but really what is the point of doing that?

    When you report a stabbing do you attach a fake photo of a man with a knife plunged into him?

    • Thanks for your constructive comment Joe.

      Sometimes it is a bit challenging to come up with an image to best represent the story, especially one that does not infringe on potential copyrights.

      Our intention was to replace the image with an actual photo of the site but are still waiting to receive them as promised. We also refrained from publishing some details on the nine rail cars which were reported to have left the tracks and rolled down an embankment pending an official release by CN.

      Your comment will help ensure the team keeps future image choices for stories more acceptable to everyone moving forward.

      Again thank you so much for taking the time to send in your comment. It is very much appreciated and helps us tremendously as we continue to grow.

  2. I first heard of the Derailment of a CN freight train 130 Kilometers North of Sault Ste. Marie and have not heard anything about this accident on the eleven O’clock newscast. I at first thought the story was a made up ,but;I know the man who had told me this story and why would he tell me something like this if it had not happened? I now tend to understand that certain news items are not published for reasons that I will not go into right now! Thank you Stan for opening my eyes a little further then they have been!

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