WANTED…Ward 3 Town Hall “General Volunteer Focus Groups” Part 2 of 2


The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing states role of citizen groups in “Ratepayers Groups and Municipal Governance” as;
• No specific legislated role Generally act to;
o Lobby local government on issues of concern to their members; or,
o Disseminate information on local government issues to their members to ensure awareness
o May be incorporated or unincorporated

“Ward 3 Town Hall “following those guidelines as a citizen driven group has the potential to be that effective focus for municipal change and a benefit to us all.
It is a common truth that two heads are better than one. It would stand to reason that if two is better, more would be all the more effective.

Wouldn’t it be a good business decision on our part, to create this central point, organized for the discussion to solutions and solve issues to traffic, public safety, water quality, flooding taxation, municipal spending, economic development or city services?.
To share information and achieve consensus on Ward three and city issues by working within the municipal system?

I would have to say yes.
Over the last four years, planning for such an organization was worked out and tested, proved through experience. The following is a breakdown of the three general focus groups:
Involved with but not limited to;
• Respond to enquiries from the public, Coordination of;
• Events pertaining to “Ward 3, Town Hall” activities
• Planning meetings at various levels
• Responsible for neighbourhood networking
• Media communications
• Coordinate with others
Involved but not limited to;
• Studying the Municipal Act of Ontario and other pertinent legislation
• Procedures of council
• City by-laws
• Educate and assist public at large
• Develop a working relationship with council, staff and ministry
Involved but not limited to;
• Participate in city budget process
• Work with City Finance Committee
• Work with city staff Finance Department
• Educate and assist public at large

It has been shown that best results can and do happen when active interaction makes possible to do what individually may seem impossible. A focus to Communication, Facilitation and Organization adds to the benefits of increased neighbour to neighbour interaction not only within the ward but creates a system of improved direction with those you elect to represent you.

I am looking for volunteer ratepayers of Ward 3 to join myself and others in this endeavour.
“For without you…. your representatives are but an island. No matter how much one can paddle…the island will not move”

Witnessed firsthand how beneficial community partnership can be and be part of what will improve our city. To that end, arrangements have been made for space at Rome’s upstairs; send me an email or call. We start in November.

Wanted Volunteer Organizers- [email protected] or 705-253-2645
David Poluck
Candidate, Ward 3