“Ward 3 Town Hall” an Effective Focus Tool for Municipal Change Part 1


I am by habit and nature, one of those people that on any given subject look to identify clearly what is being discussed; my habit is to study the topic using varied resources, such as people, that actually have hands on experience and any documentation I can find. Leading me to conclude a better understanding and if a solution or action step is required an actual opinion that can be moved as a workable solution.

DAVID-POLUCKI know I’m not alone in this and have had many discussions with people that share this similar philosophy whom have invested time to work out and identify, why, how and to where a focus on improvement could work and be most effective.
Ward 3 Town Hall.

What I am proposing is a different than gathering on occasion for single item issues in a general setting. Ward 3 Town Hall is to be a permanent working and ongoing citizen driven organization that will be active with their elected representatives.

“Ward 3 Town Hall” has the potential to be an effective focus for municipal change. It is a common truth that two heads are better than one. It would stand to reason that if two is better, more would be all the more effective.

As a tool for communication, solutions are addressed in a positive environment to issues such as; traffic, public safety, water quality, flooding taxation, municipal spending, and economic development and also city services.

By sharing information on Ward three and city issues we can better and make improvements as we navigate the municipal system.

The ideal is to ensure that the democratic process is demonstrated consistently in all aspects of our local government. Good representation not only comes from people that can listen but also from those that are proficient at Communication, Facilitation and Organization coupled with a focused formula that has proven to bring success.

Firstly, IDENTIFY the topic, Secondly, STUDY and learn all there is to learn on said topic which gives you through the information plans of direction, Take ACTION and implement. Most importantly to follow this step, after a time of implementation REVIEW. If results do not meet expectations we start the process again.

Community leadership starts within the people of our ward, with neighbours working together.
This citizen initiative, pools experience and shared knowledge to maximize our best resources by assuring and maintaining a focus for improvements to common vested interests.
I further propose to you that we together create and move forward with “Ward 3 Town Hall”
I extend a friendly challenge to the ratepayers of Ward 3 to join myself and other neighbours in this worthwhile endeavour.

To that end, arrangements have been made for space at Rome’s upstairs for “Ward 3 Town Hall “to begin in November.

“For without you…. your representatives are but an island. No matter how much one can paddle…the island will not move.”

David Poluck
Candidate, Ward 3