UPDATED: 20 cm Expected As First Major Snow Event Chills The Sault


Sunday Morning UPDATE
Environment Canada has cancelled the special weather statement issued yesterday. The forecast now calls for heavier snow amounts east and north of the City. Sault Ste. Marie could see off and on snowsqualls amounting to about 5cm Sunday.

Previous Report
Saultonline.com told you earlier this week of a pending snow event starting this weekend, and so far everything is on track for the Sault’s first snow storm of the season.  Lake effect snows are expected to begin tonight and produce a trace to 5cm by late Sunday. UPDATE: Environment Canada has now upped the ante for snowfall amounts in certain locales prone to heavy lake effect snows, and yes that includes the Sault.

Newest Information

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for tonight as the lake effect machine cranks up – that’s not really the concern at the moment, it’s what could happen come Monday night.

The cold flow associated with the Arctic airmass over the relatively warm open waters of Lake Superior will generate the lake effect flurries tonight and Sunday. Winds will be fluctuating from northwesterly to westerly and could generate flurries at times heavy with local snowfall amounts up to 10 to 15 cm in total. Motorists should be prepared for sudden reductions to visibility and winter driving conditions.

Lake effect activity is expected to weaken Sunday night.

Then crank back up for Monday night into Tuesday – another colder shot of arctic air could produce snowsqualls well into Wednesday and dump another 20 cm – and with the cold air in place for at least two weeks, this snow could stay – until Spring.

The culprit is a surge of warm tropical air on the westcoast that is driving the jet stream abnormally high over Alaska , which means the jet stream will  trough on the east, that allows a lot of cold arctic air to flood over the eastern part of the continent including the great lakes…Cold air over warm waters means lake effect snows and snowsqualls.

Saultonline.com weather will monitor this weather outbreak and update with stories.

Map courtesy AccuWeather.com
Map courtesy AccuWeather.com