A Township Says Thanks


A lifetime of makindouville-02g a difference in Aweres township has not gone unnoticed.

John Douville 84, has been volunteering for decades, well after most people retire.

Douville kicked it into high gear on a number of fronts from recreation to Policing and even heading out on his bike along the roads and highways picking up trash.

After years of volunteering and caring for the small township, Douville was recognized by his peers and Queen’s Park for his dedication.

Recently Douville was one of 20 people in the Province to be awarded the Senior Achievement Award at Queen’s Park.

Douville’s spirit of volunteerism started in 1969 with the creation of the recreation committee in Aweres Township and has since grown to other boards and committees that helped Douville being selected for the Provincial Award given to those 65 years and older.

“John has worked faithfully, in many capacities, to help St. Mark’s Church grow, having done just about everything expect preach and play the organ!: wrote Lay Pastor Henery Gaines from the St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Heyden.

As part of the nomination process, several members of the community were called on to submit testimonials on John Douville including Emo Gulyas, a local services board member. “it is an honour and wonderful opportunity to recognize a truly outstanding citizen of not only Aweres Township but also a shining example to all of Canada.”

“John was always ready and willing to assist in anything to do with recreation” Said Bob Garson, a member of the committee  “Someone we could count on to get the job done”

The nomination was led by Carl Falls, from the township. “John has been and inspiration to me and everyone” Falls said. “I have met many people in my sixty two years and John stands out like a shining star”

Douville was surprised by the honour, but says his spirit of volunteerism and community comes down to this, “You got to want to do something, if you don’t want to do something then nothing is going to happen” Douville said.



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