UPDATED : Airport Road Man Charged with Animal Cruelty


On the 21 November 2014 officers from Patrol Services arrested Sherman Bragg 58 yrs of 755 Airport Rd. for Cause damage or injury to animal – fail to provide adequate food, water, care shelter CC 446(1)(b) and Cruelty to Animals 445.1(1)(a). He will appear in court on the 22 December to answer to the charges.

Saultonline.com has learned that three dogs left outside in the cold with no shelter food or water. The three dogs described as a Lab, a Husky and a Rottweiler were outside while a smaller dog and cats were found inside the home again with no food or water.


  1. I would like to thank the person who call it in, for the sake of those poor animals that had to live with cruel useless evil human, karma will be knocking on your door loser.

  2. In our climate leaving any creature that’s not adapted to it , especially without food is murder .

    “The day will come when men such as I look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” – Leonardo Da Vinci “.

  3. What a pig….honestly….these @ssholes need to be given the same treatment rather than inside a jail cell w three meals and a blankets…..tie him to a fffnnn tree naked for days on end!! Should only be a couple days and nature will deal with him!!

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