Bad Chihuahua Breeder Alert


Leeanne Polvi is an animal lover. She had been looking for a chihuahua for some time. When someone called her last week and told her that they had heard of someone selling chihuahua puppies she phoned the people right away.
Last Thursday she went to an apartment to pick up her puppy but was dismayed by the conditions under which it was living. She said the place was a pig sty, filthy, with a stench so bad that she was gagging, and the owners themselves smelling and scratching because of the abundance of fleas that infested the place. There was only one puppy left and Leeanne fell in love with it. She told me she just wanted to save that puppy and get the heck out of there.

She brought the little puppy home and realized that the chihuahua was full of fleas. Three baths and several flea combings later she said she removed hundreds of them. The next day the puppy began to get sick, vomiting with severe diarrhea. At first she attributed the illness with the severe flea infestation but soon realized it was something worse. Calling the emergency number for veterinarians on call, she was directed to Ableson Veterinary Services on Trunk Rd.

A short time later, the little chihuahua was diagnosed with the Parvo virus; an often deadly disease.

The puppy was admitted at once and treatment began on the little one immediately. At first is was touch and go and Leeanne and her husband were devastated.

Luckily, after a nearly a week of treatment, the little dog began to improve. He is home now. Leeanne says there could still be a problem, but it looks promising. The little dog now named Sisu ( a Finnish word meaning ‘warrior’) is eating , pooping and playing with Leeanne’s other dogs.

Leeanne called the woman she had bought the dog from and told them that her puppy had parvo.

The woman was rude and told her that the puppy was healthy and it must have gotten parvo at her own home. Parvo does not work that way.
There is a week to two week incubation period for parvo, before symptoms even show up and since the dog became sick only two days after Leeanne purchased it, it is obvious that the house contained the parvo virus.

Leeanne is concerned because the lady had told her that the mother dog, having given birth only nine weeks before, was pregnant again and expecting puppies around Christmas. She wants people to know that these puppies will almost certainly get parvo and will be sold to some unsuspecting buyers sometime in the new year. ( This is also a red flag. Good breeders do NOT continuously breed their female over and over. It is simply not healthy for the dog)

There is no deal to be had when you buy a puppy from a backyard breeder. Even though you may pay less for the puppy than you would for a puppy from a legitimate breeder, you will most likely spend 100’s of dollars on unexpected vet bills.

People, like the ones who sold Leeanne her puppy, obviously do not care one bit about these dogs. To them, the breeding and selling of these puppies is a way to make money.

I tried to call the number that Leeanne had called when she bought her puppy, but SURPRISE! that number is “no longer in service”.
What I can tell you is that the people live in an apartment above a delivery service on Second Line West, just past the Mac’s store on the corner of Goulais Ave. and Second Line. The first name of the woman is Lenore.

If you know of anyone who is looking for a Chihuahua after Christmas please tell them not to buy a puppy from these shysters. They will only be buying heartbreak.

In fact if you know anyone looking for any kind of puppy, please tell them to check out dog rescues. There are rescues for almost every breed of dog. And if you don’t care what kind of breed you have, but want only to have a devoted companion and a friend, please adopt from a shelter. There are thousands of healthy, loving dogs out there who are euthanized each year simply because there are not enough homes for them.

Leeanne was lucky that her little Sisu was saved and she credits the “wonderful people” at Ableson Veterinary Service with his survival.
But sometimes even the most thorough doctoring cannot save a puppy with parvo. Dr. Shaw at Abelson’s told me that there is a fair amount of parvo in this city and that you should not take a young puppy out to socialize in parks or on the street until after it has all three parvo shots. Those should be given at eight weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks. Until then their immune systems cannot fight off the virus.

So beware.There is no law preventing people from breeding and selling dogs that are sick. It is up to the consumer to do some research about who they are buying a puppy from.

Please, if you want to avoid a broken heart and hundreds of dollars in vet bills choose your puppy wisely.
Little Sisu was one of the lucky ones, yours may not be.

And just a note. Please don’t buy a puppy or kitten as a present on Christmas day. Wait a little until most of the holidays are over and you will have the one on one time to spend with your pet. A gift certificate from a shelter or rescue group is a wonderful idea for someone who would like to choose an animal companion.


  1. I personally know first off that this puppy WAS NOT sick. I was at this residence two days prior to puppy being sold and this dog was fine. Sure it had fleas but it was not sick and had never been outside. Also why would just the puppy be sick when the other puppies and adult dogs are not sick. It just makes sense that if one was sick with parvo they all would have it.

  2. We could list quotes of incubation periods forever, but let’s just agree that no matter if the incubation period is 3- 7 days or higher or lower, the fact is it is very contagious and breeders who are legitimate and truly care about the puppies and who they sell them to are smart enough to have their puppies checked by a vet and give them their first shots before they are even for sale. Leeanne’s dog showed signs of full blown parvo the second day she had him home. He did not catch it from her house;

    People should remember these facts if they are thinking they are going to get a bargain because they buy from a backyard breeder.

  3. “The incubation period of parvo typically lasts a week; however, VetInfo warns that there is a shedding period that can continue beyond a week. After ingestion of the virus, a dog usually eliminates infected feces on the third day and the shedding of the virus can continue for a additional 10 days. Dogs in the first stage of infection generally do not show any outward signs of infection, which is why this disease is so contagious.”

    This was from a Vet Information site, but there are many more sites that state that the virus incubation can last even longer.
    No matter, Parvo is extremely contagious and deadly. Always have your puppies vaccinated.

  4. Canine Parvovirus (CPV) has an incubation period of 3-7 days. It can be slightly shorter, or a few days longer.

    Feel free to cite a source that states otherwise.

    I know nothing of this situation, but noticed your incubation numbers are way off.

  5. I am the owner of Sisu and there has been no slander to anyone on here that i can see? This lady Lenore said this is the first litter these dogs have had and the mother of my dog is pregnant again? My puppy is 12 weeks? You need some education on Parvo Tiffany. It is out of my hands now and i am only going to focus on my puppy. No energy to fight someone on ignorance to this deadly virus! Have a good day!

  6. How unfortunate that your puppy is sick… But I know others who have gotten puppies from this same lady and they are perfectly heathly. I don’t see how you have any right slandering peoples names around.

    • Tiffany, there is no slander here. Leeanne’s puppy showed signs of parvo just two days after bringing him home and she has hundreds of dollars worth of vet bills to prove it. Your friend is simply a backyard breeder, in it for the money! I tried to call this woman to get her side of the story but her number is no longer in service. If she wants to defend herself she can contact me through this website and they will put me in touch with her. My purpose is to let people know that there is a great danger in buying puppies from her and those like her. If she cared one bit for her dogs and puppies, she would have them vet checked before selling them, and she wouldn’t breed her female just after she had pups. Obviously she cares much more about money than she does her dogs.

    • Yes Dave, the HS has been notified but there is very little they can do because of the way the laws are. They may indeed investigate but they are not allowed to tell the public about many of the things they have seen. But at least now they are aware of this fact including the address of the breeder. The best way to stop these breeders is to come forward and report any and all instances of animal cruelty and neglect to the HS. And to speak out publicly to make others aware.

  7. Karen, im glad you pointed out the fact that puppies are not fully protected from the parvo virus until they have had all three shots, as i know alot of people do not know this, they think that their puppy is protected after they get their first shots,it is worth keeping your puppy in your own yard, and not walking them around until they have been fully innauculated.

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