Bad News, Then Good News, Then More Bad News


Sick of the snow and cold yet? bundle up there’s more of the same coming, but there is some good news too, followed by bad news.

Let’s take a look at the first Bad News. Snow squalls are back in the picture for tonight and lasting through Wednesday. Like we need more snow right? Well Mother Nature seems to think so and she will crank up the lake effect machine Monday night as a reinforcing shot of cold air plunges down from the arctic, that’s why we’re back under a snow squall watch until Wednesday.

When all is said and done we could see another 25cm added to our total.
To make matters worse we will also see the coldest temps of the year thus far – well below normal temperatures for this time of year. Overnight lows will sink to -10c while daytime highs struggle to reach -5c.

Now the good news…there’s a change coming for late November and the first weeks of December. By then the temperatures are expected to rebound to the plus side. In fact some forecasts say we could reach plus 8c by early December. The milder air is expected to stay in place for about 7 days before things turn colder again, though only to normal temperatures which stand at the -2c range.

More bad news?
These long range forecasts come from Accu-weathr based in the states, the number one authority for accurate local forecasts by far, though keep in mind long range forecasts can change within 3 days of posting.

Once we’re done with the mild spell in early December, the cooler temps will usher in more snow…expect to see another 20 cm fall by Christmas – but who doesn’t like a white Christmas? Problem is it won’t quit snowing until well into the new year. The prediction is the Sault may see it’s annual amount of snow (about 300cm per year)
by the second week in January.