Crown grills psychiatrist about Magnotta report


MONTREAL – The Crown at Luka Rocco Magnotta’s murder trial is suggesting his responses to a psychiatrist hired to assess his criminal responsibility were littered with lies and deliberate lapses.

Psychiatrist Marie-Frederique Allard has repeatedly argued Magnotta was suffering from schizophrenia and was not criminally responsible when he killed and dismembered Jun Lin in Montreal in May 2012.

Crown prosecutor Louis Bouthillier cross-examined Allard today and was able to get her to discuss several pieces of information she says she neglected to put into her 127-page report on Magnotta.

The Crown also pointed out differences between the version Magnotta gave Allard and one he gave another psychiatrist who is scheduled to testify for the defence.

Bouthillier says Magnotta’s actions in Lin’s death were planned and deliberate.

The Crown prosecutor said Magnotta had no problem in telling lies, calling him at one point a “pathological liar.”

“He lied to a psychiatrist to get out of being hospitalized,” Bouthillier said. “He could also have lied to get out of going to prison.”

Allard says Magnotta’s medications could be responsible for his memory lapses and that being schizophrenic did not equal being a liar.

The psychiatrist conceded she didn’t speak to anyone who frequented Magnotta in the weeks and days leading up to the night Lin was killed because Magnotta had few clients in his work as an escort.