Day of Action Called For Thursday

Members of Unifor Local 1359 stand outside MapleView on Northern Ave. Thursday

Health Care Workers in this province had their wages frozen at a time when Ontario was experiencing difficult financial years. But now, after years of falling behind inflation, workers must demand to be compensated fairly for their work. If we expect to be heard at Queen’s Park, we need to raise our voices together.

Unifor represents nearly 23, 000 Health Care Workers in the province, two thirds of whom have contracts that have expired or will expire before the end of the year. This is our opportunity for health care workers across Ontario to stand together and demand a fair deal.

Our Health Care system has been under-funded and neglected; access and quality are being undermined by insufficient staff resources and unpredictable schedules. The people of Ontario deserve high-quality care, and this can only happen when proper investment is made in our health care system.

Unifor is committed to defending public health care, and with over 305,000 members across Canada in every sector of the economy, we can make a difference.

11AM, Great Northern Road & Lukenda Drive,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Health care is a vital and necessary service, one that Canadians are proud of and want to protect. We need your support and your voices!