Greyhounds Knitting Team

Rod Aubertin:
Rod Aubertin:

Shabby Motley was the scene of a few players from the Greyhounds learning how to knit, and with a little more practice they would become excellent at knitting.


I asked who was the Captain of the Knitting Team and all the players volunteered Blake Speers.


Gerry Liscumb Jr commented that when the Greyhounds were heading into the 2014 playoff run they held a window downtown contest in association with the Downtown Association to have businesses decorate their windows to show their support for the Hounds and Shabby Motley was chosen by our fans via social media and the Greyhounds website and as part of their prizing they chose to have a public appearance with our players here.


Ashley Sauve from Shabby Motley stated the players were doing quite well knitting with 3 educated knitters helping.


Rod Aubertin:
Rod Aubertin:

Ashley also commented that they were very proud of their “Go Hounds Go” Banner which was hand crafted and knitted by a staff member and took over 3 days of knitting.  In addition she was also proud of the Greyhounds hand crocheted logo.


Shabby Motley had some of their customers knit a hockey net out of thick wool and hockey sticks which they displayed in their front window.


Ashley said that they plan to win every year and hopefully the players will be finished their scarves one day.


For a class schedule you can check their website at

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