Guns ablaze at Searchmont Resort

Searchmont Resort is more than happy with the snowfall that has blanketed the mountain this month. With well over 100cm already on the ground the resort is well on its way to establishing a great base for this years upcoming ski and snowboard season.With such a great start, conditions are going to be immaculate for opening day on Dec.20th 2014.The snowfall is a welcomed gift to the resort.
In addition to the record natural snowfall that mother nature has provided to date, Searchmont’s snow making team is more than thrilled to be on the mountain firing up the guns to blow even more snow.
Between the natural and the man made snow, 2014/2015 is destined to be one the best ski and snowboard seasons on record.
If there was ever a year to take up the sport, this one is it!
Stay tuned for future news and opportunities to experience Searchmont Resort!