Ice Forming on Great Lakes Weeks Eariler Than Normal


It’s shaping up to be another icy one for the Great Lakes. If you recall last winter, the polar vortex put the lakes into deep freeze mode leaving most of the Great Lakes completely covered in ice. The first time since the last 70’s.

According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, ice is already forming in three of the lakes, Superior, Michigan and Huron.

On November 24th Lake Superior and Lake Michigan were one-half percent ice covered while Huron had one percent ice coverage.

Ice began to form 10 days earlier than last year the research Laboratory reports. This makes for the earliest in 40 years that ice is forming so soon in the season. In fact Lake Superior started to form ice on November 15. Which means Lake Superior was only ice free for 5 and half months this year.

 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration