Just For One Night

Bruce and Treena Clement from Team Saultonline.com!
Bruce and Treena Clement from Team Saultonline.com!


Sleeping out in the elements means being a little creative with materials you can to keep you warm, or should we say HELP keep you warm on a cold November night. That’s what several people are experiencing as part of the annual Soup Kitchen, Great Sleep Over

Even our own brave team from SaultOnline.com of Treena and Bruce Clement are braving the elements while helping to raise money to feed people in need.

Participants spend the night out in a box, some of them quite creative and many have sleeping bags and other things to make it as comfortable as possible – for one night. The point of the event is to bring awareness to those that are forced to live on the streets (without the luxury items like a blow up mattress or blankets)



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