Light Up the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s “Tree of Hope”


The Tree of Hope is now the focal point of the main lobby at Sault Area Hospital (SAH). This tree represents more than just the holiday season. As donations are received throughout the community, they are accompanied by messages. These messages, written on an ornament, garnish the tree and spread inspiration.

tree-of-hope-1“The tree is a symbol to the community of our ability to act together and ensure our hospital has the equipment necessary to maintain excellent healthcare,” said Gabe Stefanizzi, Sault Area Hospital Foundation Board President. “The holiday season is a time to celebrate and cherish those around us. Please help light up our ’Tree of Hope’.”

This year SAH has identified over 1.25 million dollars in capital equipment needs throughout many areas of our hospital. Without government funding to cover capital costs like equipment, the Sault Area Hospital Foundation (SAHF) requires the support of the community to ensure we can purchase the equipment our hospital requires.

When you make a gift to the Foundation’s “Tree of Hope” you can make the donation to honour a hospital staff member or physician, volunteer, family member, client, customer, friend, teacher or neighbour while helping the present and future patients of SAH at the same time. A card will be sent to notify the individual of your thoughtful gesture and make them aware of your support of the hospital, in their honour. You also have the option to make the gift in memory of the person you miss the most this holiday season.

If you have a message for the Tree of Hope, we will hang an ornament to help inspire the patients of this community and their families.

If you wish to make a donation, please call (705) 759-3848, come by our office which is located at the hospital behind the information desk in the main lobby or visit our website