Now that’s the Spirit of Halloween!

Halloween at the Jacksons
Family that stays together...
The Jacksons, a family that stays together…

For some of us, simply handing out candy on cool Autumn evening just isn’t enough. SaultOnline received a call from Eva Jackson, the mother of John and Wendy Jackson, winners of Dralion tickets for their costumes at the Bushplane’s Zombie Walk this year.

Eva passionately expressed to me how the young Jackson family had spent a considerable number of weeks leading up to Halloween designing and constructing a haunted maze in their back yard for neighbourhood kids. They wanted to treat the kids to more than just the sweet treats they would be handing out.

I decided to visit John & Wendy at their Bush Street home to experience this haunted maze Eva spoke so affectionately about and it was obvious upon arriving at their home that I was in for more than just a treat.

I was greeted by Eva at the front door handing out treats and instructed to follow a path along the side of the house which would lead me to the entrance of the haunted maze. After taking my place in line with a number of costumed kids (yes I was the tallest), we came around the back corner of the house to the entrance of the maze which pretty much took up their entire back yard.

I entered the haunted maze and turn after turn was amazed at the amount of  effort that was put into not only the structure itself, but every nook and cranny adorned with a variety of spooky Halloween props. Most of which were crafted by hand and very carefully staged. The pathways were brimming with kids of all ages as various creepy sounds, motion animated characters and lights worked their magic in the cool air. At one turn I encountered Wendy in a dimly lit corner who was nice enough to spare me the embarrassment of a loud pitched scream. This wasn’t the case around the next as I was greeted by John wielding a very realistic chainsaw buzzing away.

I exited the maze with a group of kids, eager to tell awaiting parents all about their experience. All I can say is AWESOME demonstration of the Spirit of Halloween Wendy and John! And thanks for the invite Eva!

If you enjoy spreading the Spirit of Halloween just as much as the Jacksons, or know of someone who does, send us some photos to [email protected] and we’d love to share them.

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