Orazietti Directs TSSA To Improve Service


After listening to residents’ concerns at a first of its kind town hall meeting in Sault Ste. Marie recently, the TSSA is making changes to its inspection and operations division, said David Orazietti Sault Ste. Marie MPP and Minister of Government and Consumer Services today.

“The TSSA is acting to ensure the safety and security of Northerners while committing to improve its services for northerners,” said Orazietti. “The TSSA listened to the concerns and is acting to find solutions for the problems we are having in some northern communities.”

After recently hosting their first ever public town hall in Sault Ste. Marie, the TSSA listened to comments from the public and has taken action to address the concerns.

There are several initiatives TSSA will be undertaking to better serve Northern Ontario:

· Moving forward the TSSA will have more Northern representation both on its Advisory Committee and Board of Directors to better serve northern residents and bring a northern perspective to TSSA operations.

· Starting today the TSSA will also be visiting locations in Northern Ontario to conduct an assessment and work with local stations to ensure facilities that do not pose a risk to public safety remain open.

· Individuals and businesses which were billed incorrectly for assessments and inspections, and not yet reimbursed, will be having cheques mailed out to them.

· The TSSA will launch a new consultation process which will allow stakeholders affected by the codes and standards to be heard and have their concerns address in an appropriate manner. Going forward, new codes will be implemented using this process.

“The steps TSSA is taking now will help to ensure that the needs of Northern communities are balanced with the needs to maintain public safety,” said Orazietti. “TSSA President and CEO Michael Beard and I have talked at length about these issues and I am fully confident that the TSSA understands the issues at hand and is actively working to make the necessary changes.”