Paisley Puts On a Great Show!


This was Brad’s first stop on the Canadian portion of his Country Nation World Tour.

DSC_7106Brad played to a sold out crowd at the Essar Centre and told the crowd that they didn’t have to go to school the next day and the rest of people should call in drunk tomorrow for work.

Brett Kissel couldn’t land in the Sault and Paisley made the comment that he has never been his own opening act.

The song list is a long one, but a few of the hits included, “Waiting On A Woman”, which was timed with the video done by Brad Paisley and Andy Griffith.

Other songs were “American Saturday Night” which Sault Ste. Marie was substituted for American. I had to wonder if the song “Mud On The Tires” would have been changed to Snow, but that didn’t happen.
Also on the playlist was “Ticks” and “When You’re A Celebrity”. Brad played to the crowd even stopping to take a selfie with a fan’s cellphone.
Paisley gave one lucky lady in the front was given his acoustic guitar after he was done playing opening part of the song.
As for the guitar being autographed, I couldn’t verify that.

It was a show that people waited for since the cancelled show in October and the crowd was not disappointed.

The Country Nation World Tour will continue on with Canadian venues for Sudbury, Kingston, Summerside, Halifax and Montreal in November.

The last leg of the tour will kick off on January 17 in Morgantown, WV which is Brad Paisley’s home state. Disappoint

Rod Aubertin:
Rod Aubertin: