Province Continues to Improve Transit in Sault Ste. Marie


Ontario is providing $1,135,130 in gas tax funding to Sault Ste. Marie Transit to help expand and improve public transit, David Orazietti MPP announced today.

“Funding from this program provides an opportunity for Sault Transit to plan significant improvements to our local system, which will encourage increased usage of public transit in our city,” said Orazietti. “Today’s investment is part of our government’s continued commitment to improving public transit, making these services more accessible and comfortable for commuters and residents.”

The permanent Ontario Gas Tax program helps municipalities increase accessibility, buy more transit vehicles, add more routes and extend hours of service, making it easier for people to use public transit. It will also help ease traffic congestion and reduce air pollution.

For the 11th consecutive year, the Ontario government is providing support to Sault Ste. Marie to improve its public transit system for families. In total $11,541,110 in new money for public transportation in Sault Ste. Marie has been delivered through this program as follows:

Year 1 (1 cent per litre) $592,513
Year 2 (1.5 cents per litre) $888,923
Year 3 (2 cents per litre) $1,186,562
Year 4 (2 cents per litre) $1,171,137
Year 5 (2 cents per litre) $1,165,205
Year 6 (2 cents per litre) $1,198,721
Year 7 (2 cents per litre) $1,219,782
Year 8 (2 cents per litre) $1,211,118
Year 9 (2 cents per litre) $1,188,805
Year 10 (2 cents per litre) $583,214 – (only includes 6 months funding to re-align with municipal/provincial budgets)
Year 11 (2 cents per litre) $1,135,130

“The Government of Ontario continues to provide vital financial support for public transit in Sault Ste. Marie. Provincial Gas Tax Funding has provided the City of Sault Ste. Marie with the opportunity to offer ongoing enhanced public transit service for items such as a new west end community bus route, continued bus service to the Sault Area Hospital and a direct transit link between Sault College and Algoma University,” said Don Scott, Manager of Transit and Parking. “In addition, Para bus service continues to offer 58 hours of daily service which is a also directly supported by Provincial Gas Tax Funding. The enhanced public transit service in Sault Ste. Marie would not be possible without the ongoing financial support of the Liberal Provincial Government.”

Expanding public transit is part of the government’s economic plan for Ontario. The four part plan is building Ontario up by investing in people’s talents and skills, building new public infrastructure like roads and transit, creating a dynamic, supportive environment where business thrives, and building a secure savings plan so everyone can afford to retire.


§ With this year’s allocation, the Ontario government has committed $3.1 billion in gas tax funding since 2004.
§ In 2013, Ontario made its Gas Tax Program permanent to help municipalities improve transit.
§ One bus takes up to 40 vehicles off the road, and keeps 25 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere each year.
§ In 2013, there was an increase of more than 204 million trips on municipal transit systems, compared to 2003. This is the equivalent of removing approximately 170-million car trips from our roads