Province Tightens Grip on E-Smokes


Ontario is introducing legislation today to protect youth from the dangers of tobacco and the potential harms of electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigarettes. Also included in the legislation are measures to help families make healthier food choices by giving them caloric information when eating out or purchasing take-away meals.
Today’s introduction of the Making Healthier Choices Act, 2014 supports the government’s commitment to achieve the lowest smoking rate in Canada. If passed, the proposed legislation would:

Ban the sale and supply of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 19.
Prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in certain places where the smoking of tobacco is prohibited.
Ban the sale of e-cigarettes in certain places where the sale of tobacco is prohibited.
Prohibit the display and promotion of e-cigarettes in places where e-cigarettes or tobacco products are sold, or offered for sale.
Ban the sale of flavoured tobacco products, with a delayed implementation date for menthol-flavoured tobacco products.
Increase maximum fines for those who sell tobacco to youth, making Ontario’s maximum fines the highest in Canada.
Strengthen enforcement to allow for testing of substances used in waterpipes (e.g. hookahs, shisha) in indoor public places.

These measures are part of the government’s efforts to make Ontario the healthiest place in North America to grow up and grow old. The proposed bill, if passed would also:

Require calories for standard food and beverage items, including alcohol, to be posted on menus and menu boards in restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and other food service premises with 20 or more locations in Ontario;
Require food service operators to post contextual information that would help to educate patrons about their daily caloric requirements;
Authorize public health inspectors to enforce menu labelling requirements.

This supports Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care. It is also part of the Ontario government’s four part economic plan to build Ontario up by investing in people’s talent and skills, building new public infrastructure like roads and transit, creating a dynamic, supportive environment where business thrives, and building a secure savings plan so everyone can afford to retire.


  1. The whole thing of banning e-cigs is ridiculous! There have been studies done in South Africa and Australia and they show that the liquid holds NO harmful ingredients. The “smoke” that comes out of one is WATER VAPOUR!!!
    Health Canada and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term care haven’t done any studies and have even banned (already) nicotine in the e-cigs without reason…. well yes there is a reason they would prefer us to smoke regular cigarettes as the government gets 75% the cost of a pack. If everyone switches to the less harmful e-cigs and become vapourers they would lost all that tax money, plain and simple.
    A man across the river has a store that sells both the kits and makes his own liquids.
    Why the different flavours? It’s not for kids in fact already you can’t buy them if you are under 18, it’s for the consumer that decides instead of a tobacco flavour they would like something else.
    I prefer the chocolate flavour then I’m getting 2 of my favourite things, my smoking habit satisfied and my favourite treat taste of chocolate! Others prefer fruit flavours, drink flavours or whatever.
    More people have quite smoking real cigarettes with over 3500 added ingredients most are the ones that cause cancer, not the nicotine!
    This is just so the government still gets the tax money plain and simple!

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