Stop Pocket Dailing 9-11


Sault Ste. Marie OPP are warning residents to put their phones in ‘lock’ mode and use a proper phone carrier to avoid making erroneous 911 calls. It is one thing to pocket-dial your friends and family but quite another if your phone dials 911 by mistake.

Police time spent on 911 misdials is time that could potentially be used to save someone’s life.

OPP are mandated to respond to all 911 calls for service to promote public safety and security. Police must ensure that there is no real emergency. These responses result in police attending a business or a residence or spending time trying to locate the source of the call.

If you realize you have misdialed 911, don’t hang up. Stay on the line and speak with the operator to provide more details. Erroneous emergency calls place unnecessary strain on police resources and all first responders.

ONLY use 911 for emergencies. Routine calls for service should be reported through Sault Ste. Marie local OPP detachment (705)-945-6833 or the toll free OPP provincial number 1-888-310-1122.
Use a carrying case for cell phones to avoid accidental emergency calls or “pocket-dials” and use “lock mode” on your phone.
Ensure residential phones with 911 saved in speed dial are clearly marked.
Keep phones out of reach of young children. Cell phones are not toys to entertain infants.