There’s Cowboys in Finland Too


Yes there is country music in Finland, courtesy of a former Saultite. Henry Riihimaki, who moved to the Sault from Finland when he was just a youngster, attended King Edward grade school and then Tech while he was here. While on holidays in Finland, he met the love of his life and ended up moving back to Finland. They have two sons and 2 grandchildren. He took up residence in Jackobstad where he still resides. He is retired now and performs not only at local bars but has had a couple of his songs used on TV shows.

The name of his band is Henry and The Grumpy Old Men. It is made up of Tage Borgmästars on drums, Henry Riihimäki on guitar and vocals, and Peki Jansson on baritone guitar and harmony vocals. They are mainly a country band but do dabble in other types of music. They have had a few minor hits and continue to write and entertain. He just recently wrote a song dedicated to Sault Ste. Marie called Christmas in the Sault.

Listen to one of very few cowboys in Finland and his band, I think that you’ll enjoy it. He can be found on youtube.