They’ve Done Their Time

Director Reece (left) and Chair Sarlo (right) with outgoing Trustees Harry Jones, Joel Robert and Larry Pallot. Not present was Wanda McQueen.

It is with mixed emotion that the Algoma District School Board bids farewell to four trustees who have served the board collectively for over 50 years. Chair Jennifer Sarlo acknowledged the expertise these individuals brought to the Board and the impact they have made.

“I would like to thank our outgoing trustees who have served our board passionately and faithfully over the past 4 to 26 years. We will miss your presence, expertise and wisdom around our table. Wanda McQueen has served our board for 26 years as a trustee. She has served on every committee imaginable and was chair and vice chair of our board for much of her time. I personally will miss her assistance, sound advice and wise leadership on our board.

Larry Pallot has served faithfully for 14 years on the board. He was the vice chair of the board for 6 years and has consistently served on the operations and budget committee and the recreation committees in his area. We will miss his insightful questions and his knowledge of the diverse communities he served.

Joel Robert served over the last 4 years and quickly became knowledgeable of his role. His “youth” was welcomed at the board table as was his perspective as a parent of young children in our school system. His feedback and insight will be missed on the Parent Involvement Committee. As a member of a small rural community, Joel strove to understand the many diverse needs of his constituents who were spread over a large geographic area to the east.

We also are saying goodbye to our Native Trustee Harry Jones. Harry has dedicated himself to our board for the past 7 years and has served on the board in the past. Harry did not speak often around the board table, but when he did we all listened carefully as he was a voice of reason and practical wisdom. We wish you all well and hope you will stay engaged in education and serving your communities,” ADSB Chair Jennifer Sarlo.