Thinking Rock Community Arts: The Youth Are Starting to Change


Mike Russon chats art, community and identity with six women who have begun a local movement.

“I conducted my interview over the phone in something I’ve described as a “caravan interview” as Robin, Candace, Rihkee, Tracy, Shannon and Jessica were en route to Ottawa to present at the National Arts forum, to discuss their achievements in hosting cross-cultural local gatherings for youths, youth organizers and adults alike through the support of the provincial Youth Social Infrastructure Collaborative, or YSI. After awkwardly stumbling with an app I downloaded to record phone calls (a miserable failure) and being met with a resounding chorus of “awwwww”s when I confessed that this was my first interview, I soldiered forth, asking a few questions, which Candace Neveau was so kind as to answer on behalf of everyone. ”

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