What Was Done and What Still Needs To Be Done


Ontario continues to expand and improve highways throughout Northern Ontario, creating and sustaining more than 5,500 construction jobs while making travel safer and more efficient for families, visitors and businesses.
Over the course of the 2014 season, northeastern Ontario crews:

Resurfaced 20 kilometres of Highway 124 from Dunchurch easterly.
Resurfaced 28 kilometres of Highway 11 near the Highway 64 junction.
Rehabilitated 17 kilometres of Highway 17, east of Highway 548 to Bruce Mines.
Rehabilitated the Marten River Bridge.

Work also continues on:

Bridge rehabilitation projects, including those spanning: Kaibuskong River, Moose Creek, Tedder River, Opishing River, and Cripple Creek.
Bridge replacement projects, including those spanning:
Valentine River on Highway 11 west of Hearst.
Jessie River and Prune Creek on Highway 583 south of Hearst.
Highway rehabilitation projects, including:
22 kilometres on Highway 65 east of Highway 11 in New Liskeard.
50 kilometres of Highway 631 northerly from Highway 17.
12 kilometres of Highway 11 between Corbeil and Bonfield.
48 kilometres of Highway 101, westerly from Highway 144.
36 kilometres of Highway 144 north of Cartier.
Expansion of 20 kilometres of Highway 69 south of Sudbury, including new interchanges at Highway 64 and Crooked Lake Road, and two new bridges spanning the Murdock River.