Ending on a Chilly Note


Messy and warm weather over the Christmas holidays is being replaced with the coldest shot of arctic air as 2014 draws to a close.

A secondary front of cold air moves in today dropping temperatures well below normal values. The high for Tuesday is only forecast to be -9 and things don’t get warmer after that. The cold air is expected to hang on until mid January.

Snowfall however should remain on the low side with the exception of the odd burst of lake effect snows, but no major weather systems are forecast for the week.

Normal temperatures for this time of year are about -5c with overnight lows in the -14c range. The record low for this date was a very cold -31.7 set back in 1976 while the warmest on this date was 5.4c in 2003. In 1978 there was 75cm on the ground. Today we have about 5cm though about 10 cm is forecast over the next few days.