In The Loop: What Did You Think?


Monday December 15th was the first working meeting of the 2014-2018 council with Mayor Provenzano at the helm. Rather than give an opinion, it was thought that this “In the Loop” should be a place where ratepayers could speak their minds on the first council meeting.
What did you think of the proceedings?

What are your opinions on?
1) P.U.C. Inc presentations?
2) Building permits increase postponement?
3) EDC presentation?
4) Declarations of conflicts of interest by representatives?
5) Committee of Council selection process?
6) Citizen Mark Brown’s impromptu presentation?
7) Other?
If you missed the meeting copies are available at the public library. There is a minimal charge for the disk.
Wishing you more happiness
than all my words can tell,
not just alone for Christmas
But for all the year as well.


  1. And by the way, David, sorry you lost out as I voted for you but keep this sort of thing going as it is a way for Joe Average to make themselves heard. I really didn’t hear a lot from the lady you lost too at this meeting, maybe she will change as time goes on.. Really hope so…

  2. Monday’s City Council meeting the deferral was actually defeated. Here is why.
    Section 243,every member of council have 1vote.

    Section 245 tie votes,a tie vote shall be deemed a lost.

    Section 246(2) Failure to vote

    by a member (this includes the Mayor)who is present. At the meeting at the time of the vote. And who is qualified to vote shall be deemed a negative vote.

    Checked the procedural bylaw 2013-100 2.2, 22.5,22.6 all members of council including the Mayor are to vote.
    The mayor does not vote it goes down as a negative vote.

    The belief by some that the Mayor only votes in the event of a tie is hogwash.

    Mark Brown did follow the rules as set down in the City’s Procedural Bylaw.Hopefully other Citizens of Sault Ste Marie take advantage of this as the Agenda Review Committee denies citizens the right to speak before council for the allotted 5 minutes.

  3. 3) I only caught the meeting as the EDC was begging again. I still wonder just what it is they are supposed to be doing, other than creating a job for themselves.
    6) Mark Brown just simply refuses to follow the rules about anything and is terribly hard to take seriously anymore. Most just totally ignore what he has to say, I believe.
    7) Joe went out of his way to verbally spank Mr Shoemaker, in my opinion. It wasn’t so much what he said, but his attempt to talk down to him that rankled a bit..
    I really do think it is time for Joe to leave. Just watching the look on his face change during the meetings shows that he has virtually no respect for anyone other than himself.. Mind you, this is only my personal opinion.

    Bill Alward.

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