Keep The Grinches Away This Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us, and many will be spending time shopping for gifts, attending parties, and celebrations. Charities will also be collecting much needed donations.

T’is the season to be jolly but it is also the season to be wary of burglars, thieves, pickpockets and other holiday grinches.

Nothing can ruin the festive spirit faster than becoming a victim of crime. Unfortunately burglars view the holiday season a little differently. For them it is a time of opportunity to burglarize your home for cash, credit cards and gifts. Be extra cautious about locking windows and doors when you leave your residence.

Many will be busy shopping and running errands. Make sure to lock your packages and gifts in the trunk of your vehicle and keep vehicle doors locked.

Most importantly, it is everyone’s responsibility to drink responsibly and make alternative arrangements for a safe ride home.

On behalf of Crime Stoppers we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.