Northern Ontario’s Conservative MPs Defend Firearm Owners


Last week, federal NDP MP Charlie Angus claimed the NDP would not recreate the wasteful and ineffective Long-gun Registry. However, the leader of his Party, Thomas Mulcair, has confirmed what our Conservative Government has been saying for the last three years – the NDP would reinstate the $2 billion Liberal boondoggle.

“The NDP has chosen to stand up for this failed Liberal policy which cost Canadians $2 billion and did nothing other than harass honest, law-abiding firearms owners,” said MP Tony Clement.

“Northern Ontarians know what happens when the Liberals and NDP get into power,” said MP Jay Aspin. “They think they know better than regular Canadians, whether it’s the failed Liberal Long-gun Registry or taxing parents paying for child care. Our Conservative Government believes in the judgement of Northern Ontarians and Canadians.”

The NDP commitment to reinstate the Long-gun Registry is entirely ideology over facts. When the majority Conservative Government abolished the Registry in 2012, it had not accomplished anything beyond wasting $2 billion of taxpayers’ money.

“The NDP are out of touch with the priorities of Northern Ontario,” said MP Greg Rickford. “Our Government is focused on lowering taxes, creating jobs, and cutting red tape, not persecuting honest hunters and sport shooters.”

Under the reforms introduced by the Conservative Government, firearm owners will still require a valid firearm license to purchase or possess firearms and to purchase ammunition. They are also required to undergo police background checks, pass a firearms safety training course and comply with firearms safe storage and transportation requirements. In addition, individuals continue to be required to register prohibited and restricted firearms, such as handguns.

“The Harper Government is committed to putting the safety of Canadians first with real action on crime that delivers enhanced protection for communities,” said MP Bryan Hayes. “That is why our government is investing in a number of effective measures such as putting more police on our streets, fighting organized crime, introducing mandatory minimum penalties for serious gun crime and combating gun smuggling.”