Shouldn’t Sault Gas Prices Be Lower?


We’ve all heard the news, oil is trading at its lowest level in four years, gas prices everywhere are dropping and even in the Sault prices have fallen a full ten cents from a few weeks ago.

But, doing some quick research of other communities in the north, the Sault still has the highest prices of any major community in Northern Ontario.

As of December 4, all stations in the Sault are posting a price of $1.19 a litre. 8 hours to our west in Thunder Bay you’ll find prices 12 cents cheaper at $1.07 to the east of the Sault, Blind River gas outlets are posting $1.12
you’ll find the same price in Sudbury from $1.12 to $1.14. Timmins comes in at $1.16 on average while motorists in North Bay are paying as low as $1.09 according to

There are however other smaller communities in Northern Ontario that are paying much higher prices than the Sault. White River for example is pegged at $1.39 at the Husky station there. As of noon Thursday, White River was the most expensive place in Ontario to fill up. While in Marathon, Petro Canada is selling at
$1.31 As of noon Thursday, White River was the most expensive place in Ontario to fill up.

The cheapest place in Ontario is a small little town near London Ontario. Residents in Muncey Ontario are paying only $.92 a litre

According to forecasters, the cost of gas should reduce a further 2 cents by Sunday across Canada, Canadian average retail gas prices have hit a four-year low of $1.11 / litre.

The highest price of fuel in Sault Ste. Marie was just 8 months ago according to CAA when prices in the Sault stood at $1.45

The good news according to analysts is that prices SHOULD remain low or even lower heading into the new year. Hopefully that means the Sault too!


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