The RIDE Tally So Far


The Sault Ste Marie Police’s Festive RIDE program is underway, and although the first weekend’ s results had no drivers issued 3 day licence suspensions or drivers arrested for Criminal alcohol related driving offences, that was not the case over the past weekend. Officers with the Sault Ste Marie Police Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police checked 825 vehicles with the following results:
2 drivers arrested and charged with over .08 mg and their vehicles impounded for 7 days and drivers licence suspended for 90 days.

4 drivers issued 3- day suspensions for registering a WARN on a roadside screening device
5 Provincial offence notices for various Highway Traffic Act offences.

From the above results it is obvious some drivers are not getting the message and continue to drink and drive.

The Festive RIDE program will continue conducting roadside checks for the remainder of the Holiday Season, so if you are going to drink have a plan on how you are going to get home safely.

Drivers are reminded if you are charged with over the legal limit or refusing a breath test they are subject to an immediate 90 drivers licence suspension and a 7 day vehicle impoundment. Upon conviction a driver will lose their licence for one year and be subject to a heavy fine. A second conviction will result in the three year licence loss and 14 days in jail. A third conviction will result in a life time suspension with 90 days in jail. The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service releases the names of all persons charged with impaired related offences as well.
If you suspect a driver is impaired, call 911 to report it. Still too often drivers are making bad decisions and choose to drive while impaired.

You can do your part to keep our roads safe as well:
-If you are going to be drinking take a cab or arrange for a designated driver
-Don’t combine prescription drugs, illegal drugs and/or alcohol
-Don’t use illegal drugs
Let’s ensure that this Holiday Season is a safe one.