Two Males Arrested For Graffiti


On December 3, 2014 at approximately 2:44 am 2 young males were found in the McNabb and Pine Street area in possession of markers that can be used to make graffiti. On approaching the two youths it was noticed that both had balaclavas on and they started to walk away from police.

It is alleged that one of the youths discarded something in the snow. Police located a black marker and observed graffiti on a Canada Post male box that the two had been standing beside. The ink on the mail box was still wet. Police arrested the two accused for mischief. A check of the two revealed that they are both awaiting a court appearance for the same type of event that had occurred in August of this year. Upon being searched further, black markers with metal tips were discovered. Also it is alleged that one of the youths was in possession of a can of bear spray with a message on the can “Give up the goods or get sprayed!” Both accused were on undertakings with conditions not to communicate or associate with one another and not to be in possession of paint, markers, or tools used for graffiti.

A further check of the area was done and it was found that there were three more locations found that had similar graffiti on it.

The first accused age 17 was charged with mischief X 4 and breach of undertaking X 2. The second male age 16 was charged with mischief X 4, breach of undertaking X 2 and being in possession of a prohibited weapon. The two accused will appear in bail court on December 3, 2014 at 10:00 am.