Wawa Goose Could Be Flying To Toronto


The internet is abuzz with the latest stories about the Wawa Goose and it’s plans to fly away.

Wawa-news can confirm that Jay Peterson (Ontario Sheet Metal Workers) has been talking with Lori Johnson, Director Community Services & Tourism for the past year. Although nothing has been finalized, and no reports have been presented to Council – the Goose got out of the bag earlier this week. Jay said, “I’m being interviewed on CBC Radio One at 5 p.m. I’m flabbergasted, I don’t know how the word got so far ahead of the plan? We’re not even ready, I’m just amazed.”

Thoughts are to have the goose as she currently stands on the pedestal, encased with scaffolding, cloaked from curious eyes – then the sheet metal workers would work their magic to reinforce the rusted, rotting sculpture. This reinforcing would be necessary in order to pull off a conceptual flight of the goose to the sunset! This was first envisioned by Mayor Rod Morrison, several years ago when fundraising efforts first began to replace the goose. Wawa launched their fundraising efforts as part of the the 50th Anniversary of the completion of the Final Link (Ontario section) in the Trans-Canada Highway in Wawa. The goal of raising $500,000 was set because the Goose was considered beyond sensible economic repair.

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