What Does Snow and Gas Prices Have in Common?


A four cent drop overnight in local gas prices comes with warming temperatures in the next few days – and as it gets warmer, the price at the pump is likely to fall again.

In Sault Ste. Marie, gas prices fell to $1.15 a litre overnight – the lowest price in five years. According to Tomorrow’s Gas Prices Today, the price of the pump is expected to drop even further within the next 7 days. Oil closed yesterday at $65 a barrel and now some economists are predicting oil could drop to below $50 by Spring.

Meanwhile, as the gas prices drop, so is our snow pack. A warming trend is in the works that is expected to last about 6 days with temperatures well above normal.

Environment Canada’s short term forecasts going into the weekend sees temperatures in the plus 4 to 8c range. That’s about 10 to 12 degrees warmer than we should be at this time of year. Expect to see some melting going on with very little active weather in the 14 day forecast. Rain is forecast for Monday with temperatures hovering around 5c.

Cooler weather returns by mid-week next week.


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