A Rose by Any Other Name: Chief Administrative Officer, SSM


Earlier this week the Sault Ste. Marie Association of Ratepayers (SSMAR) issued a press release publicly calling for a postponement of the recruitment process underway for the position of Chief Administrative Officer with the City of Sault Ste. Marie. Earlier this year current CAO, Joe Fratesi, announced his retirement from the position effective April 30th, 2015. The full press release from SSMAR can be read at the end of this article.

In an interview with the Northern Hoot SSMAR organizer, Dave Poluck, opined the issue of public inclusion. Specifically, that the community ought to have an opportunity to raise the question ‘what of the need of a CAO for the City?’ Further to that point, Poluck, while commending the Council’s recent decision to increase the recruitment committee by two, postulates that the hiring policy for the position of CAO and senior City staff ought to be open for community review and input.

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