ADSB Wants Wm Merrifield School To Close


Administrators at the Algoma District School Board recommend closing a west end school due to the deteriorating condition of the building.

William Merrifield Public School needs close to $6 million in repairs including a new roof, boiler and radiators.

The Province stays clear of funding renovations to old school buildings, it is estimated a new build would cost almost $8 million.

The Board says the school is only at half capacity with an aging population in the area. Students would be instead sent to  six surrounding schools by September 2015, including HM Robbins, Korah Intermediate,Superior Heights Intermediate Isabel Fletcher and Kiwedin,

The board will vote on the recommendations  by April 7, 2015.


  1. I hope they can restore a school at Etienne Brule site. A duper school for super kids inter city who need happiness voles to home. Amalgamate the low enrolment schools to location near Canal. Boardwalk, rink Whitefish Island , rec pool all areas of learning and leisure. Central kids matter 🙂

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