Algoma Medicinal Alliance application withdrawn


In a telephone interview with Mr. Amit Sopher, TVM group, Riverwalk condominium development, shared that he has formally withdrawn the application by Algoma Medicinal Alliance, to secure the empty PUC CJMurphy Building for a medicinal marijuana production facility.

Mr. Sopher shared, “Health Canada has continually thrown extra requests for information, each one involving professional consultants at a substantial cost to the applicant.”

“We recently received another request for more technical and additional information. The investment would be significant, and essentially the process has become very protracted. Health Canada is not issuing licenses as we expected they would. Costs continue to mount. Regretfully, I have withdrawn the application for medical marijuana license (through Algoma Medicinal Alliance)” Sopher shared, adding “Health Canada has not been issuing licenses. Costs continue to mount.”

“I will regretfully not be bringing those jobs to the Sault at this time. You never know, perhaps this can be revisited at some future date.”  said Sopher.

“I have informed Mr. Fratesi that the application has been withdrawn, and a letter has been sent to the Mayor and City Council.” shared Mr. Sopher.

“Costs continued to grow into the tens of thousands of dollars”, said Amit Sopher. Exact details for the costs incurred thus far are not available at this time. “The architects. professional quality control people, process people ,security people are part of the costs for the application, and is in the application in of itself was very expensive to assemble. The cost of all the materials to support the application is many thousands of dollars. Dr. Barkers resignation was a very big part of my decision not to continue”, adding “She was an important part of the project”.

Sopher continues to build Riverwalk Condominiums, as a world class Condominium Development with TVM Group.

According to Health Canada, there are only 15 fully licensed authorized producers in Canada’s website, under the “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations”. The process to become a licensed producer is fraught with challenges, not the least of which is the cost of filing an application.