December Update: Water Quality Improvement Project


The PUC is pleased to report that construction at the well sites for Stage 1 of the Water Quality Improvement Project (the Project) announced February 3rd, 2014 is complete.  Commissioning of the new systems is now underway.  The advanced treatment methods will be brought online, starting mid-January through to the end of February. During this time the PUC will be working to optimize treatment processes.  Process optimization and water quality monitoring will continue through 2015 as the distribution system adjusts to the new treatment methods.

Currently, the newly installed equipment is in the final stages of testing prior to being connected to the distribution system. The PUC will utilize a staged implementation process, such that the treatment processes will be incorporated one site after the other during the startup period, rather than activating them all at once. This method will allow for a more controlled implementation process, allowing PUC to monitor system response before moving to the next site. Further information will be provided to the public prior to the treatment methods being activated later this month.

Customers looking for more information on the Water Quality Improvement Project are encouraged to visit the PUC website; or call Customer Service at 705-759-6522 Monday through Friday (9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.).

The PUC is committed to keeping its customers informed on the progress of this important Project with these regular monthly updates.