Extremely Poor Conditions Just North of the Sault


SaultOnline is receiving numerous reports of extremely poor conditions just North of the Sault in both the Aweres/Heyden and Batchewana areas. Despite the MTO and OPP closing the highway between Batchewana Bay and Wawa, a number of transports and other motorists have found themselves caught in the area before the closure.

A loyal SaultOnline reader stated that there is a transport which left the highway and is currently stuck in the ditch with its trailer blocking the Westbound lane in the Heyden area. They went on to state that even the barricades erected to advise motorists of the closed highway are being blown over due to high winds and despite turning on vehicle hazard lights, they simply can’t be seen in the white-out conditions.

Please use extra caution if you need to travel through this area and if at all possible, attempt to make alternate arrangements.