Local TV Soap Opera Returns For a Third Season!


A popular locally produced television show returns on January 20 for a third season.  “Tami” the 15 minute soap opera picks up where it left off last season  just as two central characters were executed by a firing squad and Tami’s niece , Dana, is kidnapped and held for a ransom – by one of her co-workers.

“The show has really taken off, we hear feed back from the fans all the time” Craig Huckerby, co-creator and Executive Producer “some of the feed back is critical and some of it is positive, but we like hearing the feedback nonetheless”

The series is a first for the Sault, being the only weekly scripted show produced in the Sault. “For sure it’s a tall order to produce this show, but the important thing is we all have fun doing it”

The soap opera centers around Tami Rydall and her twin sister Yami. Huckerby describes the show as not your regular soap opera, “it’s very campy fashioned after early soaps like “Dark Shadows” but with a more modern day twist. One of the main plots involves Yami, who is a confused witch at best. “She doesn’t know if she wants to be good or bad, so there’s always that conflict”  The show also delves into relationships this season and with a bigger cast.

“We have about 30 cast members now, we started with five” Tami Rydall told Saultonline.com. One of the creative forces behind the show, Rydall wears many hats including being the show’s main character and producer.

“We have several new great characters being introduced this season and some interesting but fun storylines” Rydall said.

Both Huckerby and Rydall say the show started as a fun little project but grew quite a bit in season 2.

Scene from Season 3 - Shaylan (Shaylan Spurway) and Carrie-Anne (Sarah Fremlin)
Scene from Season 3 – Shaylan (Shaylan Spurway) and Carrie-Anne (Sarah Fremlin)

The series features local talent such as Calna McGoldrick, Aubrey Falls, Sandra Hunter Dunn ,Laurie Jarret, Andy Martens, Susan Barber, Kevin Collar, Shaylan Spurway, Sarah Fremlin, Mike Caruso , Angela Pezzotti and Patrick Legacy to name a few.

“We can honestly say, we’re the only TV soap opera being produced in Canada right now and that’s cool” Huckerby said.  Huckerby who also works as Content Director for SaultOnline.com oversees the entire production including writing the scripts. “We have 13 or maybe 14 episodes this season and that takes about 6 months to produce , this year we’re not really stopping production so season 4 will have additional episodes.

Right now though, the team is hard at work on season 3 that begins January 20th on ShawTV Channel 10 and streamed exclusively on SaultOnline.com

For those who want to catch up, the entire first two seasons are available on SaultOnline.com

“I think a lot of people watch because they are curious and then get hooked, we know the show isn’t for everyone, it’s not a Games of Thrones or Breaking Bad nor do we have anything close to a budget like that, but that’s what makes the show fun to produce, because we have to do it on the cheap” Huckerby said.  “Some might think it’s stupid and can’t get past the fact that we use people with little or no acting experience and really, they all do a great job – it’s not easy, sometimes they don’t even get a script until the day we film! but at the same time we’ve also added a lot of really good well known local actors this season”

tami-ad-1As for spoilers, Huckerby said at least one main character dies this season, but wouldn’t divulge who that might be, we will have to watch to find out.

The tagline this year is “It’s Silly, It’s Campy, It’s Fun!” says Huckerby that pretty much sums up the series”

Watch the season premiere on Shaw TV Channel 10 Tuesday January 20th 12:30pm and 7pm The fifteen minute show is repeated in the half hour time slot, the show is also repeated on Thursdays at the same time.

Huckerby says the show has built up a very nice audience and think it will grow this season because of improved production quality and much more story going on. “like any soap, there’s usually multi-layer storylines going on all the time and this season is no different, there’s a lot of twists and turns to look forward to!”