Looking for our Next CAO


The process of hiring the city’s new CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) will be kicked off once council and the Mayor decide if they want to fill the position. Joe Fratesi announced Monday that he will be leaving the position after 19 years in that role this Spring.

According to city clerk, Malcolm White a procedure and policy is in place to help council make that decision.

Policy outlines shows that city council will authorize the filling of the CAO position in an open council meeting once that occurs the council will appoint a selection committee consisting of the Mayor and two councillors.  Council will likely opt to hire a consultant to help make the decision. That alone takes time as an RFP will be issued to select the consultant.

The selection committee will determine qualifications and criteria for position and  the  Advertising of the Position for Internal posting only or  external advertising whether they will look outside the community to fill the position.

After that, a long list of resumes will be collected and then narrowed down to a short list that will be reported to council. The Selection Committee shall carry out the recruitment and selection process and keep City Council advised throughout the process.

According to the city’s website, the position of the CAO is charged with the responsibility of co-ordinating the work of all municipal departments and ensuring that those departments carry out the policies and directions given by City Council.

The CAO oversees the day-to-day operations of the City through nine Department Heads and co-ordinates the administrative interaction with various operating agencies such as Police Services, the Public Library, the EDC and the Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority.

Recommending current and capital budgets, approving items for Council Agendas (both open and caucus) and personnel matters are the responsibility of the CAO.  The City’s Strategic Plan is also under the direction of the CAO.

Controversy surrounded the appointment of Fratesi to the position in 1996 when as Mayor, Fratesi was found to be in a conflict of interest with council’s decision to hire Fratesi for the position. He was banned for running for political office for four years.

Meanwhile, Fratesi mentioned to local media that he might be interested in running for political office. A federal election in 2015 is set for October 19, however it could happen sooner.




  1. As I understand it, Fratezzi was barred from running for office for a number of years after the fiasco that got him his current job…Has that run out??

    Secondly, as David Poluck has pointed out, the city doesn’t have to have a CAO, the mayor can and should do the job, that’s what we elected him to do. Why waste 150 grand a year if we don’t have too? Not to mention the office space and staff that could be saved..

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