Mayor Provenzano Keeps His Promise


In keeping with one of his campaign promises, Mayor Provenzano started slashing at what he considers unnecessary spending at city hall.

He suggested that the city cease to be a member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities at an annual cost of $10, 604 but stay a member of FENOM. He considers it crucial to be a member of Fenom because our city is directly involved with it and participates with the organization.

After a lengthy discussion, Councillor Butland voiced his concerns and was sternly against dropping Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Provenzano asked council “how many times has a member of council attended a meeting in the last 4 or 5 years,” and the answer was zero. Which meant that it wasted in excess of $40,000.

The motion passed and as Councillor Shoemaker suggested, it is a start at eliminating unnecessary spending.
I’m sure that the citizens of this city are happy to see that not all politicians promise things and don’t carry them out.