Opinion: Poop & Scoop Bylaw

Letter to the Editor

scoop_poopLoyal SaultOnline reader Mr. Bill Alward recently submitted the following note regarding the City’s Poop and Scoop bylaw:

I really do think the city needs to find a way to put some teeth in their poop and scoop bylaw.

I own a dog and I walk him all over the place up here on the hill. He’s a Parsons Russell and needs lots of exercise so we are out and about almost any hour of the day. I am so full of disgust at the dog owners that don’t pick up after their pets.

Walking down Chapple and Allard streets is like waking thru a mine field. Many of the streets in the P patch are the same way..

People, your dog climbs up on a snowbank and dumps right in front of your eyes and you can’t pick it up?? The streets in town are gonna reek come spring.

I pick up after my mutt, always have, always will, and it burns me to see people that let there dogs defecate right in the middle of the sidewalk and keep going.. One gentleman I have seen takes a bag, makes a phantom scoop and walks away.. I walked past a minute later and the pile was still laying there, steaming..

It’s great to have the by-law but if you don’t enforce it, what good is it? Appoint somebody to just walk or drive around, at all hours, not just 9 to 5 like the new cop shop.. Hand out a few tickets, put up a show like you actually care.

This city is right there to pass al kinds of by-laws but without some form of enforcement, they mean nothing. People pay no attention because they know there will be no repercussions..

And this is not a job for our police department to be looking after, they already have a mess of by-laws they can’t possibly enforce.

Appoint an officer with the authority to write tickets and a camera, put him on an Ebike, and let him cruise around town.. On any given day he will generate a lot of income for city coffers..

He won’t be liked, but that’s too bad. he will be doing a much needed service…

– Bill Alward