Point and Shoot: Algoma Hunter Turns Wildlife Photographer


You never forget your many ‘firsts’ in Northern Ontario- your first moose, your first wolf, your first bald eagle. But sometimes, as we become caught up in our urbanized Northern daily grind picking up coffee on the way to work, grabbing groceries on the way home and chauffeuring kids around town, we forget that we are completely embraced by a gorgeous landscape and all around us- the magnificent creatures that inhabit it.

Ron Gallagher is an avid outdoorsman. As far his memories extend he has always had a vibrant love for the bush and the wildlife within it. Ron began hunting as a youngster. “If there was a season for it, I hunted it,” he says.

Three years ago Ron was compelled to re-examine his hunting hobby. “I don’t think you would be human if you didn’t feel some kind of remorse as a hunter.”

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