Woman Killed On Douglas Street


Officers from Traffic Services, along with the assistance of Investigation Services and Patrol Services are continuing to work on this investigation.

Officers have determined that 63-year old Deana Lee YUKICH was struck by a vehicle while she was on Douglas Street. The female was transported to the Sault Area Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.
Reconstructionist officers from the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service were unavailable. As such, reconstructionist officers from the Ontario Provincial Police are assisting the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service in this investigation.

At 2:30pm City Police re-opened the street.

hit and run jan 16


  1. It isn’t just the drivers fault it’s sad but there is side walks street lights and cross walks for people and it isn’t the drivers fault she walked infront of them

    • And I’m not saying it because I drive I don’t even have a car or licence but I do have enough common sence to walk on the side walk and cross the street at the lights

    • Im sorry I would have to agree with Cathy whoever it was is an a$%hole : regardless if she walk out in front of them or not , they left the scene of an accident and left a 63 three yr old woman to die now the only question left to ask is if whoever hit her would have stayed would someones GrandMother or Mother,Wife, sister Aunt,still be gone prayers are with the family

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