Road Rage Incident Leads to Damage and Assault


On the 13 January 2015 City Police were called to an alleged road rage incident.

Information was given to the officers that a male driver in a GMC pickup truck had allegedly been cut off by another vehicle. The man became enraged and followed the car flashing his high beams causing the second driver to slow down because he was unable to see properly. The man in the GMC then pulled up alongside the car and struck the car mirror with an unknown object smashing it.

The GMC driver then sped in front of the car and jammed on the brakes causing the car to slide into the rear of the pickup. The GMC driver then proceeded to get out of his truck and repeatedly punch the car’s driver in the head. The driver of the car backed up and promptly took off where-upon the GMC driver began to chase the car in his truck through the downtown area of the city.

Charged with assault and dangerous driving is Jeremy Long (age 23) of 813 Second Line East. He will be appearing in court on the 16 February 2015 at 9:00 AM.