Rootenberg and Barker: The Perfect Storm

Algoma Public Health

sinking-shipWhat do you get, when an inept organization collides with a smooth operator? Well, you get the ‘perfect storm’!

Jeffrey Holmes stepped down as Chief Operating Officer of Algoma Public Health in July of 2013. He was arrested for fraud in October of 2013. The APH embarked upon a quest to find a replacement.

Now, you would think, given the circumstances of the departure of Mr. Holmes, that those in charge at APH would employ hyper-vigilance in finding a successor, to restore the dignity and credibility of that organization. What happened next would end up rocking the APH right down to its core, a narrative that reads like a really bad ‘made-for-TV’ movie.

Dr. Kim Barker, the Chief Medical Officer at Algoma Public Health, was tasked with recruiting a replacement for Mr. Holmes. She contacted some ‘corporate headhunters’, but found them prohibitively expensive. Luckily, one of those headhunters contacted her back, with a really great deal to offer. That man was Ron Hulse.

Ron Hulse is the director of Mindspan Recruiting Inc., a consultant firm he operates out of his home in Toronto. Mr. Hulse had the perfect candidate in mind for the Chief Financial Officer position at APH. The man he had in mind was Shaun Rootenberg.

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